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Risk Management

Risk Management

Ethics Risk Management is a proactive investment in mitigating potential problems in a business or project. Moving beyond an outdated ‘compliance culture’, ethics risk management builds stakeholder trust and a strong reputation for integrity.


Impact Assessment

Ethics Impact Assessment identifies the likely impact – positive and negative – of a product, a project (etc.) on key stakeholders. This is an essential step in maximising societal acceptability and developing a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

Research and Ethics Management

Research & Ethics Management

Synectika’s consultancy services are grounded in our research into the ethical and societal impact of business, technology, and innovation. As well as primary research, we provide support services for research ethics and data management.

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Risk Management

Proactive measures to mitigate ethical, societal, and reputational risks

Our Approach

Synectika focuses on providing a simple, structured management model, tailored to you the client. This approach ensures that ethical, privacy and societal risks are comprehensively identified, mitigated and tracked. Going beyond a ‘compliance-culture’ approach, we support our clients in developing a strong reputation for integrity.

Our Services

  • Organisational risk management model (including tailored implementation)
  • Risk management for project/technology development
  • Ethics policies, procedures, codes of conduct, and training
Reduce Costs

Timely identification and mitigation of risks reduces the likelihood of expensive remedial actions. Even simple steps – such as minimising the amount of data you gather – can reduce time, effort, and financial costs.

Stronger brand identity

Effective ethics risk management sets you apart from your competitors. Enhance your brand by communicating core values and what you do to promote them.

Build trust

Addressing risks associated with ethics, privacy, and societal impact communicates to your clients, team, and other stakeholders a commitment to fair-play and best-practice.

Recruitment & Retention

Sensitivity to ethics risks will promote a strong, values-focused ethos in your organisation. This can attract the best people to your team, enhance morale and productivity, and inspire dedication and creativity.

Impact Assessment

Actionable Recommendations based on Contextual Mapping and Dynamic Analysis

Our Approach

To understand what impact a product (service, technology, etc.) will have, it is necessary to consider many contextual factors. Contexts are complex, dynamic, and multi-dimensional: therefore our analysis of a product’s impact – based on our proprietary methodology, ARMADA – is complex, dynamic, and multi-dimensional too. From this complexity we distil a core of simplicity: actionable recommendations, tailored to the specific needs and organisational capacities of our clients.

Our Services

  • Ethical Impact Assessment (includes PIA)
  • Privacy Impact Assessment (available independently of EIA)
  • Support for implementation of recommendations
Competitive Advantage

Businesses increasingly recognise that responsible innovation and respect for people’s rights (especially concerning data) are not constraints but opportunities for product differentiation. Our Ethical Impact Assessments give you the insight to be able to maximise societal acceptability, affording you a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

Compliance & Beyond

Impact assessments for privacy and data protection are increasingly required by law. Ethical Impact Assessment meets those requirements, but goes much further, affording deeper insights into your product’s (project’s, etc.) impact.

Reduce Costs

Ethical Impact Assessment allows early identification of risks, but also of opportunities. By mapping the impact of your, business, technology, or innovation on key stakeholders, you can match their interests by default, by design, and in advance – avoiding costs associated with false starts and remedial actions.

ARMADA is an innovative, scenario-based, impact assessment tool, delivered by Synectika

Discover ARMADA

Research & Ethics Management

Practical research into ethical and societal questions raised by business, technology, and innovation

Our Approach

Our research focuses on ethics, privacy, societal impact, and policy analysis. Recent topics include: data ethics; biometrics; internet-based intelligence; security and surveillance; crisis response and disaster management; and informed consent. We also oversee research ethics and privacy management in projects, ensuring that ethics risks are properly managed. Typical support tools include: research ethics and data protection checklists; roadmaps and templates for obtaining Research Ethics Committee and Data Protection Authority approvals; and a ‘helpdesk service’ for urgent enquiries.

Our Services

  • Research partnering (especially Horizon 2020)
  • Ethics management (including research ethics and data management)
A multidisciplinary approach

With backgrounds in philosophy, ethics, law, social sciences, and psychology, we are an experienced, multi-disciplinary team and embrace a multi-disciplinary approach.

Proposal Review & Evaluation

Funding bodies will reject research proposals which fail to adequately identify and mitigate ethical risks associated with the planned work. We review proposals to ensure they address all issues concerning ethics, data management, and societal impact.

Research Ethics Management

Research and innovation fail – and funding can be cut – if appropriate research ethics and data protection notifications and approvals are not sought. Our ethics management services support you in meeting all such requirements.

We offer affordable packages for start-ups, SMEs, and micro-enterprises

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Introducing ARMADA

An innovative, scenario-based, impact assessment tool
Contextual Mapping

Detailed mapping of ethics, privacy, and societal impact trends in your market.

Dynamic Analysis

Sophisticated and responsive evaluation of relevant future scenarios.

Powerful Visualisation

Risks, mitigations, and opportunities clearly communicated with effective visualisation tools.


Genuinely actionable recommendations, tailored to your organisation’s capacities.

Minimise costs, maximise value

Impact assessment with ARMADA aids simplification, streamlining, and early identification of design requirements. This in turn avoids costly redesigns and ad hoc workarounds.

Building a competitive advantage

Align innovation with people’s interests, rights, and expectations by design, by default, and from the outset. Impact assessment with ARMADA yields opportunities for product differentiation and competition on quality, not price.

Market intelligence

ARMADA generates insight into market conditions, trends, and consumer expectations. With this intelligence your organisation can drive innovation to meet clients’ expectations.

Trust & consumer confidence

Impact assessment with ARMADA signals a commitment to responsible innovation. This builds trust and consumer confidence, which are essential to long-term, sustainable profitability.

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Synectika Research and Consulting Ltd

At Synectika we believe that the goals of business and society are, ultimately, entwined. We believe in sustainable business growth through responsible innovation and technology development. Our services aim at aligning ethics, privacy, and societal interests with business and technology goals.

Synectika is a UK company, founded in 2014, based in Keynsham (near Bristol and Bath). We serve businesses and technology developers in the UK and Europe. We have team members based in the UK, Brussels, and Rome.


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